This minor was about connection, how to connect materials.

I did research on wool, how to color it and what to do with it.
What connections can I make and how can I take it away from it's woolish appearance?

For this I used raw wool from Drenthe heather sheep, which was coming from my parents' sheep.

The outcome is a conclusion of my research.



Color Research Part l

Set of shapes as a result of color behavior study.
Color samples shaping a sequence created out of the themes
– Dance/Landrust/Suede
Translation in shape and color

Color Research Part ll

A research on daylight colors and color interpretation directed to a set of themes.

Color and shape minor

Light Atmospheres

This project was initiated by DELA. They are renovating a church in Eindhoven. That is meant to celebrate life and open for all cultures.
I wanted to keep the atmospheric part that churches have so strongly. Also something interactive is important to me. The circle is a suggestion of shape, the most important is that it carries the idea of the light and movement.
The people can touch and turn the screen, this creates waves in the water and the reflections.
The glasses are secondhand, they can be old objects of the church or from the people that visit.