Kombucha Habitat


Kombucha is a tea culture where a cellulose material is growing on the surface of the growth medium.

The start of the project was the window, so I did a research on the history of the window. The window offering a way to observe people, it’s framing a certain happening. I was intrigued by the shoji screens, the hogs bladder and the oiled canvas/paper they used in the past. I made quickly the link with the skin like kombucha leather.

I also love to watch the kombucha wire and grow. The material research is a slow process and we only had several weeks so I decided to focus on the kombucha growth, framing the growth and the happening.

There is no given set of utensils for growing the kombucha. The container that I made with a glass artist above is not really enhancing the feeling of growth. So I started with a shape research.

These are propositions for a new habitat for the kombucha. If you let the liquid culture rise to different levels in the containers the result of the material will be several different shapes as shown in the one of the pictures. With this patterns can be created.

Project was exhibited at Sectie-C during Dutch Design Week 2015
Public-Private, DAE