Natural Environments

A walking route through different soils and by the houses of worms. Offering a different view on the landscape, an inside in soils inhabitants. Being able to see the relation between what happens above and below on soil level. Questions rise like: What can grow on top? How does what grows on top

influence the quality of the soil? Giving the history of a place.
You can discover, by slowly going down. Deciding yourself how deep you want to dive into the knowledge. By seeing different soils you get a better idea of the diversity and relation.
After my research into nature conservation and natural cycles the importance of soil came clearly up, especially with 2015 being the year of the soil. The question was how can we create re-appreciaten, engagement and knowledge about the soil? How can we get amazed again by all life happening under our feet? This is a subtle way to reintroduce to power of earths crust.

Food-non-food, DAE