My name is Elise Weegels.
In my work it is important to create an experience. Through this experience the participator or observer can take a moment to stand still, reflect or interact.
I like doing field research, because it is an active way of transforming my curiosity into reality. Dealing with spaces - mainly in public - triggers my interest. Places where people move and where spaces are constantly changing. The interaction with the direct environment; natural and the city scape are very dynamic. Intervening the behavior of a space towards a person, makes me wonder about how this is changing the relation of people to the space. To achieve this I like to use installations as a medium. The active part is very important to me, a moment to be free and playful in interaction.
As I grew up in the forest, I witnessed how the seasons change, making me curious about nature and the natural cycles. Since I moved to the city, I started observing this landscape. Especially the border where city and nature meet and interact are intriguing for me.
In my spare time I like to dance: a different way of working with space and to enjoy small moments.