My name is Elise Weegels.
As a social and spatial designer, public spaces are my playground. At the core of my design practice are collaborative processes where multiple interests come together through the diversity of users.

As a playscape designer at Speelplan, I currently shape public space by designing spaces for play and physical activity. These spaces fulfill multiple functions: they serve as a meeting point for people of all ages, offer opportunities to move and play in challenging ways and serve as more climate adaptive public spaces.

Within this practice, bringing together wishes and ideas of users and developing innovative outcomes is an stimulating challenge for me.

In conversations with users a diversity
of obstacles becomes clear. Not only in terms of the spaces for play and physical activity themselves, but also on topics
of loneliness, acccesibility and social cohesion.

These topics attract my attention, as they are about wider societal issues. They can of course not be solved solely by creating better public spaces, although creating accessible spaces that are more inviting and suitable for multiple people can help to serve as a platform for change. Thus by the right design I try to move people in its double meaning.


© Marlissa Hilkmann