Communal Herb Garden

Natural Environments

A seasonal structured garden based on the most common herbs in The Netherlands, with a central space offering a place to dry, process and preserve the herbs.

Following the lines of the month you can discover which herbs fall into that specific part of the season. With a simple card you can see which herbs are ready to be harvested, taking the special weather conditions into account.

The use of herb for medicinal purposes is still very common in eastern alternative medicine of which biologically based practices, but in The Netherlands it seems far away from the medicinal use nowadays (not to neglect the necessity of other medicine). When being a herb farmer, selling to the medicinal industry is almost underground, like a shady business. How does it come, that something so close to us, so natural takes such a strange loop in the current system?

This garden and central space is reintroducing the use of herbs for medical purposes for and maintained by the community.