Maak Plaats

Public Space

‘An Intervention in Public Space’

I was intrigued by peoples movement. I went to one of the crowded spots in Eindhoven, and I chose the pillar as my point of interaction. While observing the movement, behavior from people towards each other and the tension in public space, I was naming the ways of behaving by the five elements. I wanted to make people conscious about their ways of walking in a non-critical playful way.

After doing research on what medium it could be, I decided to use clothes, because of their flexible and movable qualities. I implemented an activity, which shows that my performers/players are not part of the general public. It should not be too obvious, but also not too hidden.

I wanted to work with the movement of slowing and hurrying. Working with direct and indirect influences on walking and making people conscious about their ways of walking, in a playful way.

These characteristics led me to a game with a simple concept. The wearers have to get from A to B, but they can slow each other down or make each other faster by their own way of interacting with the clothes and therefore the others. With this they influence each others way of moving and it creates a physical tension between them. The main player can make place (Maak plaats) for 5 others within one connected piece. Together they create a network on the street, interfering with the general public.